NOW YOU CAN STAY HYDRATED ALL THE TIME!-Do you like outdoor adventures but hate carrying bulky water bottles or tumblers? Now you don\’t have to! The ultimate Neon Grizzly hydration backpack by Absolute Zero is here to keep you hydrated no matter where you are effortlessly!

  • A MUST-HAVE FOR RUNNERS, HIKERS & ALL ADVENTURERS!-When embarking on a new adventure into the wilderness, you should alwaysmake sure that you\’re prepared. That\’s why our mighty hydration bladder back bag with its huge 2L capacity is your #1 must-have accessory!
  • SO COMFORTABLE, YOU\’LL FORGET YOU\’RE WEARING IT!-The lightweight design and super-comfy mesh shoulder straps, will offer you the flexibility needed to run or climb without any hassle. Plus,the breathable mesh back will prevent sweating and help you enjoy your activities frustration-free!
  • CAN YOU REALLY RISK DEHYDRATION?-The answer is simple: NO! As a result,you should alwaysstay hydrated and make sure to replenish your bodily fluids. That\’s why the Neon Grizzly robust hydration camel backpack with extra pockets is the ideal way to carry your water and snacks!
  • ABSOLUTE ZERO RISK!-When it comes to keeping you hydrated and safe, we don\’t like to play around. That\’s why our Neon Grizzly survival hydration backpack comes with a LIFETIME money back guarantee! If, at any time, you\’re not 100% satisfied, we\’ll offer you a prompt and full refund!


Here\’s How You Can Always Stay Hydrated Even If You\’re In The Middle Of A Desert Or On Top Of The Highest Mountain!

Looking for a reliable, lightweight and durable hydration backpack?

Need a heavy-duty water bladder bag to keep your body hydrated?

Presenting The Ultimate Neon Grizzly Sturdy Hydration Backpack By Absolute Zero!

You know what separates Grizzly Bears from other animals? Their incredible strength and uncanny ability to adapt to any weather and environmental conditions.

And just like this mighty beast, our Neon Grizzly hydration backpack is designed to endure any abuse and help you survive under all circumstances!

Not Even A Grizzly Bear Can Pierce Through Our Robust Water Bladder!

If you like outdoor activities and adventures, then you must always have water with you. But carrying those heavy, impractical and bulky water bottles isn\’t the solution!

What you need is a sturdy, leak-proof, weatherproof and waterproof hydration backpack to keep you hydrated at all times, and the Neon Grizzly is the ideal one for you!

The extra-large 2L reservoir and food-grade, durable and convenient drawstring will allow you easy and hands-free access to your drink.

Never Leave Home Without Your Hydration Backpack!

Ideal for running, hiking, mountain-climbing, cycling, motor biking, skating, mountain biking, trekking, camping and almost all outdoor activities, our comfortable and lightweight hydration water backpack will become your most trustworthy companion!

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