A review of the CHANGKU Emergency Survival Kits 11-in-1, Multi Professional Tools Outdoor Gear Kit for Traveling/Hiking/Biking/Climbing

This is a product useful for those doing things like hiking, but may be essential for anyone finding themselves in a survival situation.

If you are in the outdoors, you should be prepared for something bad happening. You might be just fine hiking when you slip down a hill and are stuck, or perhaps you lose your way while biking. In the deep outdoors there often isn’t cell service, so you have to hunker down in hopes of someone finding you so you don’t get even more lost.

For those people who love being outdoors, you need this survival kit by CHANGKU. It has everything that an outdoor type of person would need in a survival situation. Equipped with high quality pieces, you can feel safe and prepared for any emergency that might be thrown your way. Don’t wait until something bad happens, be prepared for anything.

Best Features

There are 11 different pieces in this survival kit, and there’s everything you might need to survive out in the wilderness. The knife is really sharp, making it perfect for when you need to cut through things or protect yourself. There’s also an emergency blanket that can be reused. Plus, it is waterproof to help shelter you from any weather.

The compass will help you to find your way back to a close road. There is also a swiss card with a bunch of different tools that you might need. You can start a fire with the flint, and there’s a small light included to help you see. Everything is held together in a black box that will easily fit inside your hiking backpack.

CHANGKU Emergency Survival Kit Components

CHANGKU Emergency Survival Kit

This kit has 11 different pieces. There is a flint stone, a scraper, flashlight, swiss card, mini light, compass, tactical knife, whistle, steel pen, emergency blanket, and the carrying case.

CHANGKU Emergency Survival Kit Pros

All the pieces in this kit are high quality. They didn’t skimp out on the materials, so you know that you’ll be safe in the wild with this in your backpack. While it won’t give you food or water, it does give you the necessary tools to help you create your own.

It is perfect for those who are more self sufficient and don’t need a full on survival kit. Plus, the price of this kit reflects that at just $30.99, so it makes a wonderful gift for anyone who likes the outdoors.

CHANGKU Emergency Survival Kit Cons

While this kit is very useful, there are some items that aren’t needed like the pen. This space could have been better utilized with something else.


When you are outdoors, this survival kit is exactly what is needed.