When situations (such as fire, floods, natural disasters, pandemics, civil unrest))happen that disrupt the day to day way of life, utilities can become damaged or in most cases nonexistent. When that happens, you have an emergency situation on your hands that you hopefully prepared for.

When there’s no access to water in a home, people always panic and rush to the stores to buy out whatever is on the shelves. Unscrupulous people will price gouge and sell a gallon of water for many times what it normally costs.

If you’re prepared for a water emergency, you won’t have that fear and struggle to deal with. Of course, being prepared with a water source means that you have to have a way to put water in storage before you need it.

You should use something like WaterBrick Water Storage Containers to make sure that you have a solid supply of water for yourself and your family. There are plenty of types of water containers on the market but the reason that you want to get this kind is because they can hold a lot of water in just a little bit of space.

Each of the containers can hold 3.5 gallons so you end up with 28 gallons of water per WaterBrick. These are rectangular blocks that have the ability to interlock.

The shape of the containers allow you to stack them high and tight to get more water into a small space. Because of the interlocking ability, you won’t have to worry about stability even if you stack them high.

They have a handle that’s easy to hold onto so you can grab a container and move it if you have to. The material that the container is made of is BPA free. Since the containers are FDA approved, it means they’re safe for not only storing your water supply but for holding some of your food supply as well.

You can put dry goods in them and keep them ready to use for years. Because they’re made of good quality plastic, you won’t have to worry about ending up with a taste or odor leaching into your water supply.

When you buy this, you end up getting a total of 8 of the blue WaterBrricks and they’re suitable for storing in the home, in a garage or even for taking on the go with you if you need to leave home.

Once you fill them with water, all you have to do is store the water in an area that’s cool and dark.