An item that every woman should have is an emergency personal alarm. This alarm needs to be startling loud and easy to use. One of the most popular emergency alarms is by Zekpro.

With a high rating on Amazon and hundreds of positive reviews from satisfied customers, this is probably one of the best personal alarm systems that you could buy. At 125 dB, this is an very loud alarm that will not only startle any potential attacker, but will attract the attention of everyone in the area.

When you’re carrying such an alarm, you want it to be small, unobtrusive and hidden. That’s exactly what Zekpro’s alarm is. You can hang it from your bag or your keychain and no one will know that it’s an alarm. Kids can use it too. It is that safe.

Deploying the alarm takes less than a second and it’s very easy. All you need to do is pull the safety pin. That’s it. Even when you’re panicky and scared while experiencing an adrenalin dump, all it takes is a quick pull of the pin and the alarm will go off and alert everyone in the area.

Most criminals do not want attention drawn to them. They want to commit the crime quickly and get away. This alarm will ruin all their plans but announcing their intentions to just about everybody in the vicinity.
While good for preppers, any woman would do well to carry one even during peace time. We live in an increasingly dangerous society. Even walking to your car that’s in the parking lot can be dangerous, if it’s late and dark.

The Zekpro alarm is also equipped with a flashlight that you can shine around your car. If anyone is skulking in the shadows waiting to pounce on you and take you by surprise, you’ll see them coming. Pull on the alarm and you’ll send them running.

The alarm is lightweight, compact and affordable. For its size, it is quite impressive. Women who work late or find themselves traveling alone would do well to get it.

If you looked at the customer reviews for this product, you’d notice that most of them are in awe of just how loud the siren is. That’s the strongest point of the Zekpro emergency personal alarm.
There are many knock-offs in the market that don’t produce as loud a sound. We live in a world where most people are distracted and glued to their mobile devices. You absolutely need a shrill and loud sound to jolt everyone awake.

A good personal alarm could save your life. Check out the Zekpro HERE or other models below: