During 2020, the world has been one of chaos and this becomes draining. Social media has not helped as it has taken a turn for the worse, but with social distancing, some of the only ways we have to communicate with each other.

Despite the world being in turmoil, it doesn’t mean you should feel the pressures of the things outside your control. You are allowed to take a step back, turn your phone off, and distract yourself to rest your mind.

Keeping up your mental health is one of the best ways to stay overall healthy. It can be challenging with what is happening, but it is crucial to distract yourself once in a while. If you let things you cannot control, overwhelm you, there can be nasty mental health side effects. Here are some of the best tips that will help you promote inner peace and a happier mind.

Healthy Distractions to Promote Mental Peace

There are more than nine ways to promote peace and mental health. There may be some experimenting involved to try and figure out what works best for your lifestyle. Many people find their own ways to take mental health breaks and keep distracted. This list is a good starting point to find what you love to do:

Exercise for Mental Peace

Exercise for mental peace

It may be a cliché, but there is a beauty in distracting your mind by using your body. If you are not someone who works out, taking the time to go on a long walk every day may benefit you. After two weeks of 30-minute walks every day, you will notice that you feel happier, you can appreciate the outdoors, and your waist is slimmer! All the great benefits of walking outside. If you want to take it to the next level trying walking outside without any electronic devices. All of this can help bring mental peace.

Meal Preparation

Meal preparation for mental peace

There are times you need to be distracted but also want to feel productive. Now is the time to start meal prepping for the rest of the week. This will help you feel accomplished, but it will help you stay ahead of the week and be health conscious. This tip helps your mind stay focused, but it also helps you physically when you work on your nutrition. Believe it or not, diet plays a huge role in mental health.

Meditation for Mental Peace

meditation for mental peace

Set aside five minutes of your time to sit and breathe each morning and evening. Focus on your body, your emotions, and acknowledge how you feel when you’re meditating. Then let it all go. Still, your body, still your mind, and breathe in and out as deeply as you can.
Each exhale lets go of a stressor. Each inhale bringing in positive energy from the universe.
This is a fantastic way to set an intention at the beginning of the day, and a great way to end a day on a positive note no matter what has happened.

Play with Your Kids Outside

Play with kids for mental peace

If everyone is at home, put away the screens and get outside. This is the best time to stay distracted and promote everyone’s mental health by playing outside in the sun! You will feel the fresh air, get vitamin D, and spend quality time with your kids. This is an excellent way to ensure your children are staying mentally healthy as well.

Journaling Inspires Freedom

If you are feeling angry or sad or overwhelmed, writing can be a great outlet. It helps you get any negative energy you have out and allows you to feel free of those draining thoughts. Journaling can be done anywhere at any time.

Learning to express your ideas for what they are is a skill that will get better over time. Journaling can promote communication skills.

You will learn how to articulate what precisely the problem is instead of blaming other things that are not the root cause of mental unhappiness.

Mental Peace is Just as Important as Focusing on Physical Health

Finding ways to distract yourself to promote mental peace can seem like a daunting task, especially when things get overwhelming. You need to learn to step back and acknowledge a situation without getting worked up.

We must learn to let things go, not let negative energy build up in our bodies. Part of growing as a person is learning to distract yourself healthily and then accepting things as they are.